Different Kinds of Door Security Systems

Different Kinds of Door Security Systems

Doors keep us out of any harm. They provide maximum security, so it is best to have quality doors if we want quality security. There are various features of door security. Every home has its unique door lock types to prevent unauthorized access or break-in from robbers.

Door security plays a vital role in protecting our properties and other expensive valuables from damage and crooks. Some doors came from metals, and others came from solid woods.

If you own a house, a property, or a business, it is good to know how to choose the best door security system that will suit your establishment.

Here are some of the door security ideas to elevate your safety:

Card Readers

Card readers are the most recognized method. This system relies on cards issued to only authorized individuals. Hence, it allows different people to have flexible access to a particular area.

There are three ways how card security works; bar codes, magnetic strips, and RFID. Barcodes are a little faster. It only has to be near the lock to scan it, while magnetic strips require the cardholder to swipe the card through a card reader. RFID, on the other hand, doesn’t have to be displayed to be read.

Keypad Controls

Keypad controls are a type of security that uses a numeric keypad for access. This method has an advantage over a card reader. Using this security, someone can’t access it easily by using a lost or stolen card.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks depend on the change in the current. A monitor has the control to open a door or gate. It uses an electromagnet that comes from your establishment’s electrical system or by a separate battery.

Loop Detectors

Loop detectors are designed solely for cars. Loop produces an electrical current that creates a magnetic field around it. The change in the current allows a monitor to open the door or gate.

The Bronx Locksmith will help you choose which is suitable for your needs and wants. We are flexible in making adjustments possible to make you satisfied and happy with the results.

Our locksmiths are highly knowledgeable in all types of security measures, no matter how big or small your property is. We assure you that every money you spend will be all worth it. To know more about our complete services, you can contact our number directly.

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