Which is Better? Locksmith vs Dealership

Which is Better? Locksmith vs Dealership

Breaking or misplacing your keys is an irritating situation. Aside from that, it can be stolen by someone who has an interest in your property.

You can always safeguard your assets by taking preventive measures to avoid theft and robbery.

You can do it by hiring a local locksmith or a dealership. Both of these options provide similar results but differ in some ways.

This article will help you understand which is better to take. Is dealership a wise choice? Or can a local locksmith do the same result?

Why hiring a local locksmith is your best pick?

Time efficiency

Locksmiths fully understand and value time. A delay from losing a car key can hamper your business. Locksmiths do not want clients to experience such situations for too long. Hence, locksmith companies ensure that they respond as soon as possible.

After taking your call, the locksmith immediately evaluates your situation to ensure that we bring proper tools. Since we are locally owned and operated, we can be in your location within 15-20 minutes. Time is not a big worry to us. We assure you that you can go back into your daily schedule in no time.


Hiring a local locksmith is a price-wise choice. It is an undeniable fact that aside from quality-tested output. A locksmith can provide fair rates to basic tasks even up to the challenging task. We have pocket-friendly prices that everyone can afford. We don’t want to drain your resources. We want to help and build a safer community for all.


Losing a key is an unforeseen event that can happen anytime and anywhere. Compared to dealerships, locksmiths again advance in giving 24/7 available service. Whether it is midnight or early morning, locksmiths work beyond regular business hours to serve you. Our lines have standby operators that can take your call any time of the day.

At The Bronx Locksmith, we have all the qualities that a locksmith should have. We focus on security and safety and not on capitalism. Our company is licensed, insured, and trusted with years of experience.

We have a group of bonded technicians with in-depth training and skills regarding locks and keys. With us, you are always safe in our hands. Contact us now and avail of our free quotations and estimates.

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