Is Your Car Fob Broken?

Is Your Car Fob Broken?

When you feel like your car fob is not working well, it might be a big problem for a car owner like you. More issues on your car will get in the way if you ignore the signs of a faulty car fob. Car fobs are more likely to be physically abused, resulting in a wear-and-tear. Here are some signs of why your car fob might have broken.

Battery Life 

It might be that your batteries are running out of power. Having this symptom in your car fob could result in a worsening of the fob’s signal strength. It hinders the accessibility to your car as it requires you to be even closer to it before you can operate.

Repeated Clicking / Over-clicking 

Regularly, a car fob would be able to function with just one click. If your car fob does not register your inputs in a single click, it might be the right time for you to replace the fob with a new one.


Car fobs that only work “occasionally” are not enough. Even if it functions 9 out of 10 times, you still need to get your fob checked. Not only is it a hindrance when malfunctioned, but having an inconsistent car fob could be dangerous. If you happen to have a faulty car fob, do not wait any longer, and call for a professional automotive locksmith to help before you get even more prone to theft.

While having car fobs is convenient, these will eventually stop working. Even with a simple battery issue, your property could be in danger. It is best to always keep an eye out for your accessories. Do not forget to contact an expert for further help in case you have security-related issues.

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