Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scam

Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scam

Being locked in your home, office, or car is a frustrating experience. What if another wrong decision will add to your burden? Scammers evolve technologically today. They are wise people who chase your daily business to get a loophole and grab the chance of taking advantage of you. It’s either they will steal your money or gain access to your property.

When you are hiring a locksmith, make sure that the one you hire is legal and bonded.

We are giving you five crucial tips on how to spot a locksmith scammer.

Check locksmith service vehicle

When you call a locksmith, they arrive at your location. Check what kind of vehicle they are using. If the name of the service vehicle does not match with the company’s name, the locksmith you hire is probably a fraud. Legal locksmith uses official and business cars to do the business, while scammers use a personal vehicle to perform the job.

Check locksmith website

Before you call a locksmith to help you, double-check them first on the web. Make sure to read their website thoroughly. See the reviews and comments made by their clients. Be also mindful of clients’ rates and feedback.

Check their ID and license

Checking identification cards and licenses are common if you want to prove legitimacy. The cards show their qualification to do the job. Only a licensed locksmith has the identification that supports their authenticity. Do not hire someone who doesn’t have these. Imposters will only steal away your money and can create more damage to your doors and locks.

Beware of extra charges

Ask upfront if there are additional charges and how much it usually ranges. Scammers will promise you a low price on a phone call but will blow you with extra fees after the service is rendered. It is best to ask them upfront how much is their specific range. Legal locksmith companies provide clients breakdown of rates for clients’ reference.

Do not let them drill or replace your lock

Professional locksmiths do not fix your problem by drilling your doors and windows. Bonded technicians can do the job without damaging your property and doors.

The Bronx Locksmith is highly recommendable for both big and small businesses. Our company is legal, certified, and bonded. We assure you that we are outstanding and quality-oriented.

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