Interesting Facts About Locks and Keys

Interesting Facts About Locks and Keys

Locks and keys are a few things that we interact with every day. May it be in our homes, offices, and cars, they are crucial in keeping us safe and comfortable at all times.

But locks and keys are beyond ordinary. Have you ever wondered how they were created? Where did they come from, or who invented them? There are multiple fun and surprising facts about our locks and keys.

Here is a guide to some amazingly lock and key facts that you may have never heard in your whole life.

The modern lock designs that we are using today were invented in the 19th century to stop thieves from intruding a property.

It is a common observation that only the wealthiest members of society could afford to own a lock and keys. In ancient times, emperors and members of the nobility in China had padlocks made after animals, such as goats and fish.

Many individuals love and enjoy collecting locks and keys. Some of them gather specific features including prison locks, military keys, and puzzle locks.

Did you know that one of the oldest locks is 4000 years old? It was discovered and found in the cave of Ancient Egypt. Many believe that it is 4000 years old.

Keys contain specific features. It has its unique way, not until 1971. James Sargent, an American locksmith and at the same time a businessman, established the ” Sargent and GreenLeaf.” It is a lock manufacturing company that still runs today.

In the Medieval era, towns will give the keys of their property to a designated keykeeper. The keykeeper will be held liable to all the keys in the community.

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